Ever thought about having no running water?

March 03, 2018

This is a serious problem that is currently affecting Cape Town in South Africa. Conversely, it’s easy to think there will never be problems getting water in our UK homes. In truth, that will only be the case if we start to value this precious commodity and use it wisely. We want to help and have decided to take part in water saving week.

Simply put, significant increases in population have access to the same amount of water. Secondly, we have a ‘wet’ country with lots of rainfall but it doesn’t always rain in the right places at the right time and this can cause a water shortage to areas affected.

Water Saving week ran by Waterwise UK is promoting water saving advice and tips from the 19th March and here at Acrobat we are getting on board with our mini ‘pledge’ campaign.

Join the team to help save water and think about how you, your family or friends can make simple changes that can radically affect the amount of water your household consumes.

We want to help you save water and save money on your bills too!

Did you know that…

  • A toilet leaking clean water from the cistern to the pan can waste up to 400 litres of water a day (that’s five full bathtubs) and add around £300 a year to your water bill if left unfixed.
  • Essentially, a four-minute shower is plenty long enough, and cutting time down means you save energy as well as water. Click here for more shower tips, and to find out what kind of water user you are.
  • Fill your washing machine to the brim. Clothes washing now accounts for 15% of the water we use in our homes, so put a few extra shirts in to make the most of your load.
  • Use your dual flush properly! The smaller button gives a little flush, suitable for a pee. Only use the bigger flush when you need to.
  • Fridge it! Putting a large bottle of tap water in the fridge will ensure you can have chilled water all the time. Waiting for the tap to run cold can waste more than 10L of tap water a day.

Join the campaign at #watersavingweek or #waterisprecious. Simply upload a selfie of you, along with your water-saving pledge and get involved! Post your selfie on our facebook page at @EAEnergySaving / @acrobatcs or visit our website www.acrobat.uk.com  energy-alliance.co.uk.

There are so many ways to make a difference, visit www.waterwise.org.uk by clicking here for more information about making a difference.

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